About TBPD

On the Ides of March in the Year 2000, I packed up my car and left Mountain View, California and headed for my new home of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was all part of my New Year's resolution to change every single aspect of my life and see if it worked any better.

Waiting for me out there was my girlfriend, a new job, and a sweet apartment with a silent-flush toilet. Nevertheless, people thought I was a big retard for leaving the cushy climes of California, my home for the last 17 years, for the black slush and harsh accents of the East. To them I say: I have gotten fat, weak, and lazy on the peaceful, easy feeling of the West and would like to feel fury and passion in my gut and sinuses for once.

I thought I'd post my notes as I drove across the country because god knows nobody's done that before. And since they were written specifically for the internet, you can bet they've been severely abridged, sanitized, and injected with 300 CCs of hallucinogenic lies.

Jim named my car The Black Pill because that's what it looks like.

16 March
Carmel, CA

17 March
Los Angeles, CA

18 March
Las Vegas, NV

19 March
Albuquerque, NM

20 March
Lubbock, TX

21 March
Dallas, TX

22 March
Dallas, TX (still)

24 March
Chattanooga, TN

25 March
Roanoke, VA

27 March
Philadelphia, PA

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