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» Dooce
Apologies in Advance to Mr. Hamilton

» Coudal
Layer Tennis Commentary: Owens vs. Gnewikow

» The Morning News
Two Minutes and 42 Seconds in Heaven
The Headhunter's Trophy Case [with T. Seamon]
The Man Who Was Hook: Unnamed Date
Behind the Scenes: Plan 63
I Live in a Motel
The Vanishing Act [with K. Fanning]
Josh's Creepily Prescient Oscar Picks
Jeremy Bitz Can't Get a Break [with R. Baldwin]
Jeremy Bitz Has an Afternoon of Gross Misfortune [with R. Baldwin]
Christmas Eve
Mix Tape for Dead Girl
Customer Serviced
Friends' Bands I Have Known
I, Robot
Rosencrantz & Joshua [with R. Baldwin]
Behind the Scenes: The Harry Potter Nimbus 2000
The Alaina Rautio Interview
Behind the Scenes: Operation Fish From Hell
Brenda Stahler Gets Married [with R. Baldwin]
Behind the Scenes: The Minority Report Trailer
Behind the Scenes: Pirates and The Navy
Songs From The Big Chair
Behind the Scenes: Oprah Cancels Book Club
Behind the Scenes: President Bush Merges Agencies
The Ten Days of Christmas
Roundtable: Writing on the Web

» The Knowledge for Thirst
A beverage-centric website by two gentlemen who really enjoy juices and sodas

» Manual
An anthology of new work from seventeen writers with websites

» McSweeney's
A Letter to Frito-Lay

» Webmonkey
One Site, One Day, One Buck
The Weblog Tool Roundup
The Monkey Bite [10/99 - 03/00]
Elbow Grease [01/99 - 03/00]
Organizing Your Site
The Writing on the Web
Hailing iCab
Adobe GoLive Tutorial
The Josh and Heidi Transcripts [with Heidi Pollock]
Getting Your Site Ready for WebTV

Joshua Green Allen

Fireland is a rickety old website by Joshua Allen.

A novel called Chokeville and a beverage-review site called The Knowledge For Thirst.

WRITING / 1995-2006
A great deal of typing is collected in the Archive.

Articles and whatnot for other sites, including The Morning News, Wired, and McSweeney's, can be found in External.

I've been involved in a number of Epiphany Sink pictures.

I record music under the name Orifex.

The RSS feed is here.

Join the notify list for extremely infrequent updates via email.

The Sexiest Sentence Alive, Fireland Broke My Will To Live, The Black Pill Diaries, and a sampling of Old Fireland Designs.

I can be contacted at .


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